Visit to France of Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, Chairman Higher Education Commission Pakistan



Prof. Dr Atta Ur Rahman, Chairman Higher Education Commission with the status of a Federal Minister, Coordinator general COMSTECH, Director H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, was in France from October 27 to 30, 2006.

His program was shared between to the following main events:

- The "France - Pakistan 2nd Symposium on Natural Products of Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Importance" held at Agrocampus Rennes from October 26 to 31, 2006

- Meetings dedicated to the University of Engineering, Science and Technology of Pakistan-France, (UESTP) which will open in October 2007 in Karachi with the French expertise.

During this visit, Prof. Atta ur Rahman had the opportunity to meet:

- The Principal Private Secretary of the Minister of Higher Education, Mr Thierry Damerval,

- The policy makers and stakeholders involved in the political, scientific and economical life of the French Regions Bretagne and Champagne-Ardennes,

- The UESTP consortium representatives: UTT, UTC, UTBM, SUPELEC, ENSAM, Agrocampus Rennes and ENSAIT.

- The Pakistani students and faculties who are currently studying in France for their higher education.

From the many meetings discussing the progress and the future action plan to establish an UESTP- at Karachi, the following points can be mentioned:

- It has been decided to establish provisionally the following disciplines at the UESTP- at Karachi with the help of the mentioned French Institutions: Mechanical Engineering and Industrial System (UTT, Troyes), Computer Sciences & IT: (UTT, Troyes and UTBM), Textile Engineering (ENSAIT, Roubaix), Food Technology Engineering (Agrocampus, Rennes), Electrical Engineering & Alternative Energy (UTBM in Belfort and Montbeliard), Marine Sciences (ENSIETA in Brest)

- A Web Portal will be created by the UTT, Troyes to expedite the process of establishment of the UESTP by sharing the information among the stakeholders

- A working party will take up the task of preparing a comprehensive list of equipment required for all the major disciplines proposed to be established at the UESTP@Karachi; a French architect will advise the team of Pakistani architects meant to design the UESTP@Karachi campus; a proposal for the generation of electricity by the windmill method will be deliver soon.

- It has been asked to take up the matter of joint degrees carrying the seals of both the UESTP@Karachi and the UTTroyes, in conformity with the policy adopted by other UESTPs and their collaborating overseas institutions.

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