Total Parco: Safety campaign

Pakistan: A Shock Campaign

Total Parco Pakistan launched its first road safety campaign on 7th April, named << Activate Drive Safe>>, a shock campaign aimed at a national level.

The “Activate Drive Safe “ campaign was launched on a network of 118 retail stations. TPPL’s claim of being a socially responsible company was well justified in front of the public at large.

The inception of the “ Drive Safe” concept, coupled with the launch of the campaign with national interest at heart, has proven to be a true image builder for TPPL, well in line with its corporate slogan of TOTAL CARE, TOTAL TRUST.

The primary objective of the campaign was to work on the behavior of the vehicle drivers especially the youth. It aims to bring across the message of taking responsibility by drivers and changing driving habits. Therefore, this campaign is made to evoke strong emotions.

Numerous actions

1. Branding the Dispensing Units of TPPL network

Recognizing that « Activate Drive Safe » needed to be interesting as public service messages could be boring if presented in a stereotyped manner, the first step was to brand the dispensing units of the entire TPPL network with messages on “Taking Responsibility & Driving Safe”. Reinforcements displaying roman banners on the canopy pillars with visuals and messages prohibiting the usage of mobile phone while driving, reminding the drivers to buckle their seat belts and wear the helmets for motor bike riders.

The enhanced service level at the TPPL retail stations and the guidance by the TPPL network team on safety rules for the customers in the right tone further boosted TPPL’s claim of TOTAL CARE, TOTAL TRUST.

The distribution of free helmets, T-shirts & stickers on the network through an “activate your luck” scheme also added to the goodwill of the company.

2. Reaching out to Youths

Eleven renowned colleges of Pakistan were invited to join a contest organized by TPPL, where the 4 winners were named road safety ambassadors through their individual creation of a safety poster. The four Road Safety Ambassadors hit the media limelight with their piece of Art and gave them one good opportunity of being famous.

3. Do it as You Preach

The kick-off to the campaign was on the 7th of April 2006 where the senior management of TPPL signed a declaration in a press conference with the media to abide by the safety rules laid in the <> campaign.

4. Mobile Communication Tools

T-shirts with striking messages such as “Avoid stairways to Heaven. Drive Safe”, and “Hey you, Riders on the storm... Drive Safe”, have been made available to the TPPL management, media, college students, teachers & customers.

5. TV Advertisements

The safety campaign also targeted the general public via three TV ads broadcast on TV channels, radios and hoardings. These three TV ads are based on the same principle: a person is filmed in a studio sitting on a stool, talking in memory of someone very close. To illustrate the words, the picture of the talking person is cut from time to time by small passages filmed with a hand-camera and that show the one of which the person talks, during simple moments of life. However, these moments do not exist any more because the close is deceased. At the end, a black screen appears with messages: « wear a seat-belt », « stop at a red light » and « do not use a mobile phone while driving » followed by a public service message & TOTAL CARE, TOTAL TRUST with the logo

Another two TV advertisements were aired in the mid of May 2006 on the Youth Campaign whereby a motorist on car/bike is compelled by a daredevil to leave aside all the worries of road safety rules as they are skilled enough to challenge safety till the crash!

The campaign is also backed by messages on advertising hoardings, radio & print.
The last phase of the campaign will see TPPL going for the acquisition of Road Safety Signs in the metro cities subject to agreements with government agencies.


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