The Ambassador of France to Pakistan, Mr. Régis de Belenet, confers the medal of the “chevalier de l’ONM” upon Mr. Philippe Charraudeau

(Islamabad, November 8, 2006)


The «Ordre National du Mérite » had been created by General de Gaulle in 1962. Awarding with this award, the French authorities intend to mark their acknowledgement towards French or foreign personalities, for their commitment.

This distinction has been awarded by the President of the Republic and on the proposal of the Minister of foreign affairs to Mr. Philippe Charraudeau for a carrier in the hotel industry during which he has been associated with the running of International hotels of prestige, in Thaïland, India and in the Gulf, before beeing contacted by His Highness the Agha Khan to head and open the Serena hotel in Islamabad in 2001.

Mr Philippe Charraudeau took the responsibility of a highly luxurious institution, one including 197 rooms with around 500 employees. His policy of training the personnel, innovative to Pakistan, has brought him all the praise. In Islamabad, where he spent five years until 2006, he became one of the most representative figures of the international community.

With Mr Philippe Charraudeau, the Serena and its team has constituted a reference. Various international conferences have taken place under the best of conditions.

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