Situation in the Middle East Communique issued by the President of the Republic following the adoption of the United Nations security Council resolution on Lebanon

President Chirac "welcomes the United Nations Security Council’s unanimous adoption, this evening, of the resolution calling for a full cessation of hostilities in Lebanon".

Since the start of the crisis, France has considered that it could not be resolved militarily and deployed all her efforts to get an immediate halt to the violence. Beyond that, she put forward proposals for a settlement offering the parties the essential political guarantees for strengthening Lebanon’s sovereignty and Israel’s security.

Now that the conditions have been met for putting an end to the fighting, to the civilians’ suffering and the countless acts of destruction entailed, France appeals to the parties to cease hostilities immediately and confirm to the United Nations Secretary-General their commitment to respecting the provisions of the adopted resolution. It is the responsibility of the States, governments and all the parties involved to respond to it. The halt to the fighting must lead to the Israeli army’s withdrawal and the simultaneous deployment of the Lebanese army and a reinforced UNIFIL, the reopening of harbours and airports and return of displaced persons. A huge wave of international solidarity must get under way for the benefit of the civilians dealt such a cruel blow and for repairing the devastated infrastructures. France will wholeheartedly support this.

In accordance with her responsibilities, France will play her part in the implementation of this resolution, particularly as regards the new UNIFIL. She will determine her increased participation on the basis of the means of action given to this force and the existence of a fair sharing of its constituent contingents between the countries providing these./.

Dernière modification : 04/11/2008

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