Situation in Lebanon

"Political courage forces us to act and, in particular, to ask for the cessation of hostilities as soon as possible: this is the language of peace and democracy. It is this that we are speaking at the United Nations Security Council, which we are chairing during July.

We have to find the political conditions for a ceasefire.

These conditions include, on one side, the halting of the hostilities and indeed, on the other, the deployment in South Lebanon of the Lebanese army; for this, some people are talking about an international force. You have to understand that if there’s no ceasefire, there can’t be any intervention by a foreign armed force."

"France is grateful to the Commission for already scheduling a first tranche of humanitarian aid of €10 million, for the most pressing needs. Larger-scale measures will certainly be necessary to cope with the vital needs which are constantly growing. Preparations must be made for long-term aid. France is ready to make available to the Commission her transport assets for delivering this aid on the ground, in order to speed up its distribution."

"In this situation, it is essential, as regards Palestine, to resume the dialogue with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mr Mahmoud Abbas. And as regards Lebanon, really implement UNSCR 1559, on the clear understanding - and all the Lebanese have to understand and recognize this - that there cannot be a politically stable Lebanon shouldering her responsibilities and pursuing her development, a democratic Lebanon, if part of her territory is occupied by militia who do not obey the central Lebanese government. Lebanon’s authority, stability and sovereignty must be re-established. It’s in the interest of all Lebanese whoever they may be. It’s also in the interest of democracy and morality."

"Israel has the right to defend herself, but she has to take the strategic and humanitarian consequences of her actions into consideration. She must show the greatest restraint and ensure she does not carry out operations which would undermine Lebanon’s integrity, the security of the civilians and the Lebanese government’s stability."

"President Chirac has asked the Prime Minister to go to Lebanon.

President Chirac has decided to send the Prime Minister to Beirut today to meet the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Mr Fouad Siniora, and confirm to him France’s support and the French people’s solidarity with the Lebanese people in the ordeal./."

"France stands side by side with the Lebanese government to support its authority, and notably to support Lebanon’s independence, stability and sovereignty. While the violence, "

"In the face of this situation, the sole concern we, the G8 members, have is to end the escalation and attacks, the violence. With this in mind, we unanimously adopted a declaration (...) stating both our reprobation and our determination that the escalation be halted and the situation returned to normal and, in particular, that there be a lasting ceasefire in Gaza and in Lebanon.

In this spirit, we approved the decision taken by the UN and UN Secretary-General to send a mission immediately. I had a long discussion with the UN Secretary-General the evening before last, and had suggested the urgent dispatch of a mission of that nature to contact all the parties involved and try to put together a common view on the situation."

Dernière modification : 04/11/2008

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