Pakistan - India - Process to normalize trade relations- Statement made by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Spokesman

(Paris, 2nd March 2012)


"Yesterday, Pakistan decided to further open its borders to trade with India and to embark on the path toward normalizing its trade relations with its neighbor.
France welcomes this decision, which follows the visit to Islamabad by India’s Commerce Minister, Mr. Anand Sharma. It’s the first step in the plan approved by both governments aimed at standardizing economic relations by granting, in a spirit of reciprocity based on the current situation, the most-favored nation status to India.

This normalization of trade relations represents a significant and positive step forward in the political dialogue that was relaunched nearly a year ago between the two countries. It paves the way toward strengthening economic relations between India and Pakistan, which in turn will ensure greater prosperity throughout the subcontinent./."

The Urdu text of the press release is as following:


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