Lancement de la pièce de théatre "Some like it hot" à l’Islamabad Club

In English

at the Islamabad Club Auditorium up to March, 12........

male musicians accidentally witness a shooting ; and to elude the mobsters who
pursue them, they join an all-girl

performance band
headed for Miami. One of them falls for the band’s lead singer and poses as a
Miami hotshot so he can

woo her ; the other
struggles to keep from blowing their cover as he dodges the comical romantic
advances of an aging,

nearsighted Casanova.
Love conquers all - till the mobsters show up at the same Miami resort for a
convention. Meanwhile,

a girl in the band
wishes dearly to express her immense singing talent, but is never given the
opportunity for she lacks physical

beauty. Her struggles
to find her ’voice’ form an inspirational climax to the play.

is evident from the synopsis, the play promises a roller-coaster of laughs,
exhilarating musical

and a plot that is extremely unique from what has already been attempted on


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