Inauguration of videoconferencing facilities for critical care medicine teaching program at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

(Islamabad, October 21, 2009)

The Ambassador of France Mr 
Daniel Jouanneau was the guest of hono
at the inauguration of videoconferencing (e-learning) facilities for the
Master’s in Critical Care Medicine initiated by the Quaid-i-Azam Post Graduate
Medical College, on October 21, 2009. The Secretary Health Mr Khushnood Lashari
was the chief guest.



PIMS and Saint Antoine Hospital
in Paris are celebrating 10 years of collaboration through a partnership funded
by the French Government. In December 2000, a medical ICU has been established
at PIMS with French assistance. Since then the facility has provided ICU care
for more than 3500 patients. Patients suffering from severe infections,
neurological diseases, pregnancy related emergencies, acute respiratory
failure, multiple trauma or poisoning are treated in this unit. Doctors and
nurses from PIMS have been sent to the Medical ICU of Saint Antoine Hospital for
specialized training and a French consultant in critical care medicine has been
deputed to PIMS for the past 3 years.



Critical care provides medical
attention to acutely ill patients requiring organ support like mechanical
ventilation, dialysis or infusion of drugs to maintain the blood pressure. It
requires the availability of trained, dedicated doctors and nurses providing
specialized care round the clock. Critical care medicine has been recently
recognized as a specialty. Quaid–i-Azam University has approved the format and
the curriculum of a Master’s in Critical Care Medicine, the first teaching
program in this discipline in Pakistan oriented towards service delivery and the
provision of primary care to the critically ill. ICUs in the country are indeed
suffering from inadequate human resources and lack of standardization of the
services. There is no career structure or any financial incentives for the
doctors working in ICUs despite full stress duties and the requirement of a high
level of competency. PIMS has submitted a PC-1 to Ministry of Health in that
respect, to create positions of consultants in critical care medicine and to
ensure specific allowances to the health workers appointed in ICUs.



Videoconferencing equipment has
been funded through a dedicated grant from the French government. Teaching
sessions are organized by a joint Pak-French faculty. French professors will
deliver lectures through videoconferencing. The inaugural ceremony was attended
through videoconferencing from Paris by Professor Offenstadt of Saint Antoine
Hospital and Professor Bertrand Guidet, President of the French Society of
Critical Care Medicine (SRLF).

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