Inauguration de l’antenne à Faisalabad de l’Alliance française de Lahore par M. Régis de Belenet, Ambassadeur de France au Pakistan

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Discours de l’Ambassadeur de France au Pakistan, M. Régis de Belenet

and gentlemen, dear friends,

1- I am delighted to be in Faisalabad
today, as it is my first visit in your city.

visit is the occasion for me to proceed to the official opening of the new
branch of the French Alliance in Faisalabad.

am particularly glad that the opening of this office happens to take place
during what we call " The week of the Francophonie" celebrated all
around the world.

is one of the biggest industrial areas of Pakistan.

very dynamic Chamber of Commerce, the international airport, the presence of
numerous textile factories, have attracted here French manufacturers and
businessmen. This environment has allowed narrow links to be created between the
economic actors of Faisalabad and France.

prestigious University of Agriculture of Faisalabad which I visited this
afternoon has also established links with French academics and researchers, and
these links should without any doubt 
be strengthened because, as you know, our two countries have in common
their interest for agriculture.

these links between Faisalabad and France created an increasing demand for
learning French language as exchanges progressively increased with France.

French Centre which we inaugurate today is a concrete response to this demand.

now on, the people of Faisalabad will have a direct access to French teaching
services as well as to the cultural activities managed by the French Alliance of

the opening of this Centre of Faisalabad, it will be easier to develop the
relations of cooperation between your city and France : in the field of Higher
Education, research, and commercial relations.

France, the French Centre of Faisalabad will also be an opened window on
cultural and economic entities in which France assumes its responsibilities as a

think of Europe, and I would like to remind you that I am delighted to see the
development in Lahore of an remarkable partnership between German Annmarie
Schimmel-Haus and the French Alliance, from which the Centre of Faisalabad will
also benefit.

4- I would 
like to say a few words about the Francophonie : the International
Organization of the Francophonie, with more than sixty member and associate
States, get together countries belonging to different geographical areas, Muslim
countries and non-Muslim countries, developed countries, emerging countries and
developing countries, countries of the North and of the South, countries
representing various continents.

Francophonie means the attachment to the " cultural diversity ", that
is to say this justifiable attachment of the people to assert their culture,
their identity, as well as the respect of the other cultures and the interest
for the dialogue between civilizations.

the threat of standardization which is brought by globalization, it is necessary
that all the cultures have the possibility to express their voices and opinions.
It is the objective of the
Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural
Expressions that was adopted on
October 20th, 2005 by UNESCO, with the active participation of France and her
European and French-speaking partners. We hope naturally that Pakistan who
shares these values will soon proceed to the ratification of this Convention.

struggle for the cultural diversity is also a refusal of the clash of
civilizations. To struggle for the diversity of cultures implies to refuse the
hierarchical organization of different cultures.

is through the dialogue of cultures that can be built sustainable development
and peace.

wish that the French Centre of Faisalabad becomes a reference tool for this
dialogue between cultures in Faisalabad and in the region.

me finally thank all those who contributed to the creation of the center : the
team of the French Alliance of Lahore, with its President, Mrs Gisèle Butt and
its Director Matthieu Pinel.

would also like to thank in particular City District Nazim of Faisalabad, Mr
Rana Zahid Tauseef, and everyone who, in this city, contributed to the success
of this project.

life to the French Centre of Faisalabad !


In ourdou : French Centre of Faisalabad Zindabad !

Avec l’aide de l’ambassade de
France à Islamabad et l’Alliance Française de Lahore, le French Centre
Faisalabad a ouvert ses portes au public le 8 janvier 2007 et a été inauguré
par Monsieur l’Ambassadeur de France au Pakistan.


Le French Centre Faisalabad entend remplir trois missions principales :


Langue : Le but principal est de conduire des classes de langue
française pour la communauté de Faisalabad et de ses environs. Le centre
fournit des sessions pour les débutants, des classes pour les boursiers du
gouvernement pakistanais se rendant en France pour leurs études supérieures (cours intensif) aussi bien que des classes
particulières. A ceci s’ajoutera des classes que nous pouvons également
dispenser au sein d’institutions telles que des compagnies, des écoles et des


Culturel : Dans la mesure où le French Centre -
Faisalabad est un projet pilote de l’alliance Française de Lahore, le centre de
Faisalabad, de temps à autres, accueillera également des activités
culturelles organisées par le centre de Lahore. Ceci fournira à la communauté
de Faisalabad un panorama de divertissements de bonne qualité.


Coopération : Avec le soutien de l’ambassade de France, elle va
de soi que le centre de Faisalabad fournira également à Faisalabad tous les
liens de coopération avec la France.


Au delà de ces 3 missions, le French Centre - Faisalabad offre certains
services : le service de traduction et d’interprétation est disponible à des
taux très attractifs. Sur demande, le conseiller EduFrance sera également à
la disposition des étudiants qui sont intéressés pour aller en France pour
leurs études supérieures


Centre - Faisalabad

Floor, Ahmad Plaza, Bilal Road, Civil Lines, Faisalabad
Call : 041-263 41 87 or email to :



Discours de M. Ata-ul-Aleem, responsable de l’antenne à Faisalabad


Your Excellency,

Honorable guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Un grand et chaleureux Bonjour à tous

It is a great honor for me to welcome you today in the French Centre -Faisalabad
and I wish that this ceremony is the beginning of a long success story


With the help of the French Embassy in Islamabad and Alliance Française de
Lahore, the French Centre Faisalabad has opened its doors to public from 8th
January 2007. 


This Branch is a part of a vast worldwide network
including 1,080 Alliances Françaises in 135 countries with 400,000
French-learners, and especially in Pakistan with 4 Alliances Françaises in
Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Lahore.


I have been appointed here in Faisalabad after working 3 years in Alliance Française
de Lahore where I was in charge of the media centre & library, I was also
assigned the job of taking French Classes in the lahore Centre, as well as an
external teacher for our prestigious partners and French online. I am not new to
Faisalabad as for the past 2 years I have been teaching as a tutor in the
Faislabad University of Agriculture and Serena Hotel.


Keeping in mind the 3 basic missions of the Alliances Françaises over the world
the French Centre - Faisalabad will also work on these principles and they are
as follows :


- The main purpose is to conduct French language classes for the aspiring
community of Faisalabad and its vicinities. Initially the Centre would provide
sessions for beginners, HEC Scholarship classes (intensive course) as well as
private tuitions. Besides classes in the centre, we can also provide tailor made
courses for companies, schools and colleges.


- Since being a pilot project of the Alliance Française de Lahore, the
Faisalabad Centre, from time to time, will also host cultural activities
organized by the Lahore Centre. This will provide the Faisalabadi community a
panorama of good quality entertainment like exhibitions, concerts, film
screenings and so on.


- With the backing of the French Embassy, it goes without saying that the
Faisalabad Centre will also provide your city with all cooperation links in many
fields of activity with France. In fact, this place is a bridge between our two countries and
a little bit of France in Faisalabad.

Besides these 3 missions, the French Centre
Faisalabad offers certain services : Moreover the facilities of translation and
interpretation would also be available especially for the business community
aspiring to do trade with France. A student counselor representing CampusFrance
will also be available to the students who are interested to go to France for
their higher studies.


My gratitude goes to his excellency Monsieur De Belenet who has been very kind
to preside this ceremony with his wife as well as our City Disctrict Nazim,
Mister Rana Zahid Tauseef and also to Alliance Française de Lahore’s board of
Governors. Once again, I thank all of you for being present and I look forward
to welcome you all to the most happening place in your town !!


Merci à
tous !


Now I would like to invite all of you to share a cup of tea with us downstairs.


French Centre Faisalabad


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