Iftar in the honor of the Ambassadors of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

The Minister of Foreign Affairs invited 57 Ambassadors from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and leaders of Islam in France for Iftar on the 23rd of July 2012.

The 20th of July was the first day of Ramadan in France and this official Iftar intends to celebrate the beginning of the Ramadan month.

This gesture is intended to demonstrate its respect and consideration towards Islam, the Muslim people and the OIC. Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius took advantage of this occasion to confirm his decision to nominate a Special Envoy to the OIC. The Special Envoy will be Mr. Louis Blin, General Consul to Djeddah, city host to the headquarters of this international institution. France wishes through this nomination to strengthen its ties with the OIC. This institution plays an increasingly important role in attempting to resolve crisis in the Islamic world and its Secretary General, Mr. Ihsanoglu, greatly contributed to its new dynamism. This is particularly true with regard to tackling cultural dialogue as well as economic and social challenges.

Dernière modification : 24/07/2012

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