French Researcher Pascal Boniface in Pakistan for the program « Open Doors »

17 September 2015

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Twitter Café at the Jinnah Institute with Pascal Boniface

In the framework of the “Open Doors” program jointly led by the Embassy of France and the Alliances françaises of Lahore and Karachi, French researcher Pascal Boniface is touring Pakistan and giving several lectures in Karachi and Islamabad from 15th to 18th of September, 2015.

Dr. Pascal BONIFACE is the founding Director of the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs – IRIS, based in Paris.

Mr. Boniface exchanged with Pakistani researchers, universities and media and gave lectures on the topic of “The changing world order and the international crisis”. For Pascal Boniface, “The bipolar world is over but had not been replaced by a new one. The world is neither unipolar nor multipolar, but on its way toward multipolarisation. But, besides the end of bipolarity – which has lasted four decades - there is another more important strategic change. The west has lost the monopoly of power it has enjoyed for 5 centuries”.

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Pascal Boniface giving a conference at the Qaid e Azam University

“We are living in a global village, but we have difficulties to produce common rules. We could even ask if the concept of international community is not a myth. This could explain why there are still so many wars and international crisis 26 years after the fall of Berlin wall. Multilateralism is the only option if we want to live in a better and more secure planet.”

To know more about the “Open Doors” program, you can visit the website of the Embassy of France in Pakistan:

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Pascal Boniface at the Pakistan China Institute, at the invitation of Senator Mushahid Hussain

Brief profile:

Dr. Pascal BONIFACE is the founding Director of the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs – IRIS, based in Paris.

He is professor of international relations in the “Institut d’Etudes européennes” (Institute for European Studies) in the University of Paris-8. He is the Director of the quarterly journal “La Revue internationale et stratégique” (International and strategic review) since 1991, and the Editor of “L’Année stratégique” (Strategic Yearbook) since 1985.

Dr. Pascal BONIFACE has published or edited more than fifty books dealing with International Relations, Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament, European Security, French International Policy, Sport in the International Relations and also the conflict in the Middle-East and its impact in France.

Dr. Pascal BONIFACE publishes several articles in international and strategic reviews, is regularly present in the media national or international, written or audiovisual, and gives many conferences in France and abroad.

He is a columnist for La Croix (France), La Vanguardia (Spain) and Al Ittihad (United Arab Emirates). Pascal Boniface is a member of the National Ethical Commission at the Fédération française du football (FFF – French Football Federation).

He has been made a Chevalier of the French Award for distinguished services in public and private capacity and Officier of the Legion of honour.
He has received the “Prix Vauban” in 2011.

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Pascal Boniface with Pakistani journalists

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