France-Pakistan cooperation in higher education

Study in France: 108 students departing to France on July 1, 2005

“The new batch of students going to France confirms by its size the growing interest of Pakistani students for getting French higher education. This year shows a big trend in Engineering and Telecommunication fields. Selected on merit students are supported by the French government which grants them free tuition in the French universities and by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan who gives for most of them full PhD scholarships.
In 2005, 108 students are now ready for departure to France. They have gone through a tough selection managed first by the Higher Education Commission and followed by interviews with French professors in December last year. Since then, they have started intensive classes of French in the French Centres of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. At the same time, a French officer is placing them in French universities according to their objectives and competence. All of them have already completed at least 4 years of higher studies and are going for Master or PhD degrees.

Every year the average level of the candidates is increasing with the popularity of the programme. The students mostly come from the top Pakistani Engineering Universities : UET Taxila, Lahore and Peshawar, NUST, GIKIEST, NED, Punjab University, University of Agriculture Faisalabad and others.

One can find a lot of students willing to go for computer sciences and telecommunications in the group but physics and space technologies are also a field of interest as well as industrial engineering or biotechnologies.


The students will arrive in France on 1st of July, they will spend one night in Paris and then will be driven by bus to their French language training centres. There they’ll have two month of very intensive French language classes.

Then, by mid-September, they would be ready to be integrated in to their universities and to follow their academic courses in French as it is taught in the French public universities.

Why study in France?

France is the country of high technology: the high-speed train, the smart card, the Ariane rocket, Airbus planes and now ITER.

France has also the world’s fourth largest economy, home to world-class manufacturing groups such as Renault, Michelin, L’Oréal, Total, France Telecom, Carrefour and many thousands of promising start-ups.

France is the fourth most research active country in the world, after US, Japan, and Germany: € 34 billion spent on research in France every year (2.25% of GDP in 2002). France provides the best research facilities in its network of interdisciplinary graduate high schools and students can be trained in some of the world’s most successful companies.

Last but not least, France dedicate 23% of its national budget to education. The tuition fees are provided by the French government for all foreign and national students, in the ninety two French public universities spread all over the country. “

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