Fourth seminar of the Expedo project in Islamabad



Within the frame of the ICT-Asia (STIC-Asie) program, the international EXPEDO project has organized its 4th seminar last October 4 to 7 in Islamabad. ICT-Asia is a regional program for education, fundamental and applied research in the areas of information technologies, in Asia; the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched it in 2004, along with some of the most famous French Research Institutes (CNRS, INRIA, CIRAD, GET).

The aim of the EXPEDO project is to analyze huge volumes of historical data with data mining techniques, in order to discover and display previously unknown patterns, relationships, and rules in large databases and data warehouses. The main achievements of EXPEDO are the analysis of real data from different areas (e.g. biology, medical sciences, geography, and agriculture census), the design and implementation of an academic platform for Master and Ph.D. students, and the promotion of the scientific collaboration (papers in international journals, workshops, summer school).

All the EXPEDO research partners attended the Islamabad workshop, which was organized by the French Embassy and the National University of Computers and Emerging Sciences (NUCES) and hosted by the French Club in Islamabad:

- From France: Cergy-Pontoise (ETIS-CNRS), Montpellier 2 (LIRMM-CNRS), Tours (LI)

- From Malaysia: HELP University College (HELP)

- From Indonesia: Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

- From Pakistan: NUCES; Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF); COMSATS-Institute of Information Technology (COMSATS-IIT)

The goals of this workshop were to update the on-going work, to decide for a road map for the forthcoming year, to consider of a joint international Masters Program and to inform and attract new participants from Pakistan in order to initiate new research collaborations. The Pakistan Science Foundation as well as the COMSATS- IIT are already deeply motivated in contributing to the project.

Exchanges of faculty members and students would start very soon with a meeting in Kuala Lumpur in December 2006 where a Pakistani delegation from PSF could work with the French and Malaysian team of EXPEDO; a French team is planned to come to Pakistan in January 2007 in order to give courses on data mining and data warehouse management; a French student could come to Pakistan in April 2007 to complete his/her Masters internship with the FAST-NUCES data mining team.

From Islamabad, all the participants flew to Seoul in order to attend the ICT-Asia annual conference. The EXPEDO first year results were presented there to the Asian and French colleagues and some proposal made in order to involve the scientific teams in some of the new call for proposal’ projects. This call will be published on the ICT web site by the beginning of December 2006.

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