Former Ambassador (Biography)


Régis de BELENET

Plenipotentiary Minister

Born on the 14th of December 1942, in Fes (Morocco)

Married (4 children)

Law Degree

Graduate from the Political Sciences Institute (Paris)

Former Student in the National School of Administration (ENA), 1969 (“Jean-Jaurès”)

1969-1971: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cultural

1971-1973: First Secretary in Canberra

1974-1975: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Economic

1975-1976: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Assistant to
the General Secretary)

1976-1977: Member of the Cabinet of the State
Secretary attached to the Minister
of Foreign Affairs

1978-1982: Second Counsellor in the French Permanent
Representation in the NATO

1982-1984: Second Counsellor in Moscow

1985: First Counsellor in Moscow

1985-1989: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Deputy
Director for Eastern Europe)

1989-1992: Diplomatic Advisor to the Armed Forces
Chief of Staff

1992-1994: Ambassador in Djibouti, also in charge of
contacts with Erytrea

1995 (January-March): Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General
Secretary of the Final Conference
of the Stability Pact in Europe

1995 (March)-July 2000: Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Director for Strategic Affairs, Security and

July 2000-Dec. 2001: Ambassador in Berne, also in charge
of Liechtenstein

December 2001-September 2005: Ambassador in Copenhagen

September 2005: Ambassador to Pakistan
(from 21/09/05 to 16/07/08)

National Order of Merit (Officer, 2000)

Légion d’Honneur (Officer, 2002)

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