Foreign policy - Speech by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic, at the opening of Ambassadors’ Week (Paris, 25/08/2015)

Prime Minister,

Foreign Minister,





France is preparing to host the Climate Conference, and this has been the focus of your work since Monday. It will be a major event; we are mobilized at the highest levels of government. All government agencies, all public actors and all actors who bear responsibility in this area - and there are many of them - are also mobilizing their efforts.

We have a duty to succeed, because this is a global issue and because France is the country that is hosting this major event. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, under the leadership of Laurent Fabius, is again taking the initiative. Because of its position, its role, its influence, our country has been tasked once again with participating in negotiations that will be critical for the future of the planet.

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