Floods in Pakistan- France sends urgent humanitarian assistance

(Islamabad, September 26, 2011)




Like in 2010, France has decided to help Pakistani population hit by heavy floods for about one month, which have caused 270 deaths in the province of Sindh according to latest reports and affected more than 8.1 million people, 1.8 million among them had no option but to leave their houses.


In response to this catastrophe and to the appeal made by the United Nations and the Government of Pakistan, France, through the Crisis Centre of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, has sent a plane which has landed at Karachi International Airport on Sunday morning transporting 30 tons of relief goods.


An aid amounting to 6 crores rupees will be given to the National Disaster Management Authority and to the NGOs present in Pakistan: the aid comprises shelters (tents, blankets, tarpaulins) for 700 families; two water purification plants and other related material (tanks, jerrycans, water purification tablets) which will provide drinkable water to 40,000 people daily (i.e. 10 litres per person daily); and 1.2 tons of medicines.


In addition, three NGOs will receive a subsidy of one crore rupees each as a help regarding their efforts in favour of the Pakistani people. The total aid brought by France on this operation amounts to 9 crores rupees.

Dernière modification : 27/09/2011

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