Fête de la musique (Music Festival)

Ladies and gentlemen,

GIFIt is great pleasure for me to welcome you this evening at the French Residence for this music festival 2004.

GIFSince 1982, the date of 21st June became a big popular festival. It is the first day of summer, in France the weather is generally very nice, it is shortest night of the year, the sun sets very late, its is the end of academic year for schools and universities and very soon the start of vacations. The people of all age groups wish to go outside, together, celebrate the festival and enjoy the life. And naturally it is the music, which expresses these sentiments and this atmosphere:
The 21st of June became the day of Music Festival.

Since then, the Music Festival has known an extraordinary success. Millions of people come to the streets in every city and each village of France to sing or to listen the music. Despite very big and important concerts are organised, countless musicians and amateurs sing also spontaneously for the pleasure, for their pleasure and same of passers-by, giving all its direction to the “Fête de la musique” (Music Festival), which is also a game of the words in French: “faites de la musique”! (“Play Music”).

This original initiative became very soon a big rendez-vous, French, European and world-wide, and more than a rendez-vous, a symbol. Music is an incredible tool which serves as an exchange between men and women of all horizons, social categories, races and religions. Music knows no frontiers. It allows an authentic dialogue of cultures.

The Music Festival is celebrated in more than hundred countries. Since many years, it is celebrated in Pakistan, but unfortunately it could not be organised in 2002 and 2003 due to the situation in the country. That’s why we are very happy to revive this tradition, presenting in Islamabad and Lahore the trio of Jazz of Alain Brunet with Pierre Raboulleau and Jérome Regard and the three Pakistani musicians Mohammad Ajmal, Ejaz Hussain and Salam Adil, who will perform together in a real musical meeting, an authentic dialogue, a “fusion” (mixing) for using an expression which describes this new kind of music.

Of course, we would have preferred this concert to be organised at a public place and initially it was planned to take place in the open air of Lok Virsa, and largely open to all public in the spirit of the Music Festival. But due to security reasons, we had to organise it at the French Residence, because it seems that certain people do not appreciate the music and dread the dialogue of cultures.

Their worries only make to highlight the importance of the message communicated through music, a message of peace, fraternity, democracy, equality, friendliness, the message which crosses all physical, political, social or mental frontiers.

Please excuse us for the security measures which alert the spirit of this popular festival, but this was the price to be paid for all of us to gather here and to sing and listen the music. We are very grateful to your Pakistani friends who have supported this project (PNCA, Lok Virsa, Gulf Air) and helped us to organise this evening which believes in the role of art, culture and particularly music like a dynamic role of progress in a society and the opening to the world.

I thank you all for coming here, thanks to musicians and enjoy a nice Music Festival./.

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