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In keeping with Article 23 of the European Parliament Regulation (EC) N° 810/2009 dated 13 July 2009, decisions on short-stay Schengen visa applications are given within 15 calendar days from the date of its submission. However, the Visa Section of the Embassy of France makes every effort to issue visas as fast as possible.

All foreign nationals entering and staying on French territory must be in possession of a valid entry and stay visa, unless you are exempt from this requirement. The information below applies to foreign nationals who hold an ordinary passport.

- Which foreign nationals are exempt from this visa requirement ?

How do I apply for a visa for an ordinary passport ?

The procedure depends on the length of your intended stay :

- if your stay is equal to or shorter than 90 days in the Schengen Area : you must apply for a short-stay visa

- if your stay in France is longer than 90 days in France : you must apply for a long-stay visa

1. Where do I apply?

The short-stay visa is a visa valid for all countries in the Schengen Area unless marked otherwise on the visa sticker. It is often called a “Schengen visa”.

France’s consular authorities, except for a few offices (see decree of 29/12/08), and those of all the other states applying the Schengen Agreement issue Schengen visas valid for France.

However, you cannot submit your visa application to the consular authority of any Schengen state - you must submit it to the consular authority of your main destination (the state where you intend to stay longest):

- if France is your main destination : you must apply to the French consular authority ; in Pakistan, you must apply at the Embassy of France in Islamabad.

- if another Schengen state is your main destination : you must apply to the consular authority of that country.

If your stay in various Schengen states is of equal length, you must apply to the consular authority of the country through which you enter the Schengen Area.

- Link to the French embassies and consulates

Schengen representations in Pakistan

Map of the Schengen countries

2. How do I enter the visa department?

An increasing number of visa departments receive applicants by appointment only. Please consult the website of the consular office where you intend to submit your application to see the procedures they use.

3. How do I complete my visa application?

For a Schengen short-stay visa, you must submit one application for each visa applicant, comprising the following items :

3.1. Items verified before the application fee is charged

- a passport valid for 3 months beyond the expiry date of the visa requested;

- a short-stay visa application form completed and signed;

- photographs (maximum 3) to official standards ;

- the application fee.

The visa application forms for a child under 18 must be signed by a parent or guardian.

3.2. Supporting documents

- evidence relating to the reason for your stay in the Schengen Area ;

- evidence of means of support during your stay and your accommodation ;

- evidence of repatriation insurance ;

- evidence of your return to your country of residence (return ticket or sufficient personal resources to buy it) ;

- for children under 18, specific documents ;

- documentary evidence to convince the consular authority of your intention to leave the Schengen Area when your visa expires.

The websites of the diplomatic and consular offices authorised to issue visas for ordinary passports may contain more detailed information appropriate to local circumstances. If so, it is the supporting documents stated there that must be submitted to the consular authority.

The consular authority will accept your application as you submit it and will make its decision on the basis of the guarantees and documentary evidence enclosed with your application.

3.3. Additional documents

The consular authority may ask you to submit additional documents within a stated period of time in order to process your application. In that case, you do not need to submit a new application or pay a further application fee.

4. Acknowledgement of visa application

When you submit your visa application, the official at the cash desk will give you a receipt for the exact amount of the application fee you have paid. This proof of payment is an official acknowledgement (récépissé) of your application.

5. Collection of biometric data

When you submit your application the consular authority will collect your biometric data. This data consists of a photograph and the fingerprints of both hands. Exempt from fingerprinting are children under 12.

6. Application processing and consular decision

After you have submitted your application, the consular authority processes it and takes a decision.

The consular authority provides an answer as soon as possible, depending on the checks it may have to carry out. There is no point in contacting the consular authority again during this processing period.

If you have received no response within 2 months, you may consider that your visa application has been refused (implicit refusal).

7. If the visa is issued

A sticker will be placed in your passport: what does the visa sticker mean?

Possession of a short-stay visa is a necessary but not sufficient condition for entering the Schengen Area. When you cross the border of the Schengen Area, the border police may require you to show the supporting documents you submitted to obtain your visa.

8. If the visa is refused

Your passport will be returned to you with no visa sticker. Your application fee will not be refunded.

If your application is refused, you may submit a new visa application without waiting. You will need to complete and sign a new form, enclose identity photographs, pay the application fee and support your application with the required evidence and any new items you may have.

9. Appeal

If you have been refused a visa, you may lodge an appeal with the Commission de Recours contre les Refus de Visa (CRRV) within two months of being notified of the refusal or of an implicit refusal :

Secrétariat CRRV BP 83609 44036 NANTES CEDEX 1 - FRANCE

Your letter of appeal should be written/translated in French as well as all supporting documents. Your appeal should be sent directly by yourself to the above address in France and not through this Embassy.

Applying for an entry and long-stay visa

To apply for an entry and long-stay visa, you must :

- hold a travel document (passport) that is valid for the full duration of validity of the visa ;

- complete and sign a long-stay visa application form ;

- enclose with the form identity photographs to official standards. The number of photographs required depends on the consular office where you apply, your nationality and the reason for your stay in France : please consult the diplomatic or consular office ;

- pay an application fee ;

- submit supporting documents relating to the reason for your stay in France and your personal situation : please consult the diplomatic or consular office.

Additional documents may be required by the relevant authority in order to process your visa application, such as one submitted for a child under 18.

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