Dîner offert par le Premier ministre, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani en l’honneur des Ambassadeurs de l’Union européenne : Discours prononcé par S.E. M. Daniel Jouanneau, Ambassadeur de France au Pakistan

(Islamabad, 5 décembre, 2008)

Prime Minister,

Let me thank you, on behalf of my European Colleagues, for your initiative, for your hospitality, and for the political message which tonight’s meeting carries.

Altogether around this table, we represent 500 million people. We are proud of what we have accomplished. Over the past fifty years, Europe has been a peace building instrument. After two terrible world wars, both originating from Europe, and that ravaged it, the peoples of Europe decided to make peace, and the EU has been instrumental in achieving this goal.

The EU is a political union, and not only a market. It stands as a unique example of sovereignty sharing, as illustrated by the fact, among many others, that 15 Member States have agreed to share the same currency. The EU is a Union of 27 countries that share the same values. We believe in Human Rights, not as a western value we would like to export, but as a universal one. We believe in democracy. We believe in the need to balance free market by social welfare policies and solidarity. We believe in good and peaceful neighborhood.

The EU attaches a great importance to its relation with Pakistan. Pakistan is for all of us a strategic partner.

The EU is mainly seen in Pakistan as a large market. It is indeed the first market for Pakistani exports, and we are actively considering your wish to have a better access to our market.

The EU is the first donor of development assistance in the world, and Pakistan’s first donor : the EU and its Member States provided 900 million Euros to Pakistan between 2005 and 2007.

The EU is more and more a political partner for Pakistan.

We welcome Pakistan’s willingness to build with the EU a strategic partnership. After the deployment by the EU of the largest Elections Observation Mission last February, and Mr. Solana’s visit to Islamabad, the ministerial troika in New York was a new and important step. We want, as you do, this dialogue to remain ongoing and comprehensive. There will be a ministerial troika under the Czech Presidency in the first half of 2009. These regular meetings, at a very high political level, allow us to draw our views closer, and to consider possible common actions regarding major issues, such as : the fight against terrorism, Afghanistan, regional stability, strengthening of democracy and development. In the present context, more than ever, the EU wishes stability and peace for the whole region.

In order to make opinion leaders and mass media in Pakistan more aware of what we do together, we had the idea to prepare a “Blue Book”. I will now leave the floor to my friend Ambassador Jan de KOK to present you this book.

Thank you.


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