Decentralized cooperation for the climate (03 november, 2015)


For many years, French local governments have been combating climate change worldwide alongside their foreign partners. Find out how with our selection of 12 real projects!

“Decentralized cooperation for the climate” is a series of personal accounts and concrete examples of projects implemented by French local governments on the ground as part of long-term collaboration with their foreign partners.

These local governments work together in fields ranging from agro-ecology and sustainable urban development to sanitation, biodiversity and renewable energy sources, with the aim of mitigating the effects of climate change or enabling communities to adapt to it.

Long-term, effective and innovative projects…

Local rural and urban populations are feeling the full force of the impacts of climate change. As they are on the front line, they are best placed to develop appropriate solutions.

Many French local governments (regions, communes and departments) are helping to combat climate change, especially through long-standing partnerships with their foreign partners. These are relations of friendship and exchange between men and women in France and abroad that have led to projects being set up, in some cases several decades ago.

It is thanks to these exchanges of expertise and know-how that region-specific solutions can be implemented. And it is thanks to the spread of knowledge from one person to another through participative approaches that innovative solutions can be found.

…supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

In 2015, the Delegation for the External Action of Local Government (DAECT) of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) launched a call for climate-related projects. The aim was to provide financial support for projects led by local governments to combat climate change. Examples include reducing deforestation, introducing environmental and energy diagnoses, managing marine areas, sustainable agriculture, and raising young people’s awareness of climate issues.

This call for projects confirmed and highlighted local government mobilization with regard to climate issues. 21 emblematic projects were selected: 21 winners for COP21.

With “Decentralized cooperation for the climate”, we hope to showcase and encourage all these local initiatives.

Taking action for the climate also means taking action together, in partnership, here and elsewhere.

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