Death of HIS Majesty the King of Saudi Arabia,Communique issued by the Presidency of the Republic

(Paris, 1 August 2005)

France was extremely saddened to learn of the death of His Majesty The King of Saudi Arabia, King Fahd ibn Abdul Aziz al-Saud, Head of State, friend and respected sovereign.
During his reign, King Fahd was above all concerned to ensure his people’s security. In the hour of danger, he was the guarantor of his country’s integrity and defender of regional stability. He took a wise stance as the Kingdom evolved.
King Fahd also demonstrated his commitment to the strong and trusting relations uniting France and Saudi Arabia. During his reign, the long-standing friendship, which has prevailed since General de Gaulle established an exceptional link between the two nations, took on a new dimension bolstered by a shared vision of major regional and international issues.
France extends to his successor and all the Saudi people her very sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathy./.

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