Cérémonie de départ des 190 étudiants Pakistanais partant en France pour y préparer leurs doctorats

France-Pakistan cooperation in higher educationStudying in France 2008 :

190 PhD level Pakistani students leave for France

(Islamabad, June 19/2008)

The French Embassy in Islamabad, along with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has launched the 2008 edition of their programme of postgraduate studies in France. A reception hosted by the French Ambassador H.E. Mr. Régis de Belenet at the Serena Hotel to celebrate the departure of the 2008 batch of Pakistani students. In his speech the envoy praised the students who succeeded to pass the competitive selection and wished them best of luck for their studies in France. He reminded them that it was an opportunity for them to act as ambassadors of Pakistan during their stay in France and hoped they will also become ambassadors of France upon their return in Pakistan.

The growing attraction of Pakistani students towards France, especially in the last 5 years, has led 102 students to start a Master degree and/or a PhD (in various fields : sciences, social studies, economics) in France in 2005, 147 in 2006 and 160 in 2007. For 2008, a strict selection process was conducted all over the country, as a result :

190 students will join French Universities in September 2008 at PhD level

Students for this program have been selected through the HEC selection process on the basis of academic merit and interviews with French Professors. Selected candidates are undergoing French language training in Pakistan at one of the four French Cultural Centers (Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi). After successful completion of training by the end of June 2008, selected candidates will travel to France where they will again take up an advanced training course in French enabling them to effectively and efficiently carry out their further studies in French language.

Students are supported by :

- the French Embassy which funds French language classes in Pakistan and France,

- the French Government which grants them free tuition in the French universities,

- the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan which provides them with full PhD scholarships.

Low Cost of Higher Education in France

In France, Education is a constitutional right, which means that education is free and that no tuition fees are charged to the student. The Government of France allocates 23 per cent of its national budget to Education, that pays all general tuition fees whether students are French or not. The French state pays a very large part of each student’s expenses (about USD 10,000 a year), keeping admission fees among the lowest in the world.

How to go to France for higher education ?

There are 2 ways to enroll in a French University for postgraduate studies : (1) the very selective HEC scholarship program and (2) the very broad CampusFrance program (www. campusfrance.org). These two options enable any student, regardless of his/her personal situation or field of interest to be able to study in France./.

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