Call for Applications – Outsourcing Visa Application Collection

Call for Applications – Outsourcing Visa Application Collection


- The date for requesting general conditions has been extended to 1st April


- The date for submission of applications has been extended to 1st May


The Embassy of France in Islamabad plans to entrust a private service provider with the practical tasks involved in collecting visa applications: making appointments, informing and meeting with the public, receiving applications, collecting application fees, sending the applications to the Embassy and returning passports. Computer registration of applications with a form provided by the Embassy of France and the gathering of biometric data may occur at a subsequent stage.


The application must include the following points:


1. A presentation of the company


Main activity, outsource experience, capital structure, names of its management team


2. Work conditions in the country


Name and presentation of potential local partners, their work restrictions, their duties in running the centre, their contractual relationship, and an overview of the guarantees they can provide for swiftly opening a centre given any local administrative constraints


3. Provisional timetable for opening the centre


A detailed provisional timetable including the various steps in the project
Time needed to put it into practice as from the signature of the agreement


4. Premises for the outsourced centre


a- Location, accessibility:


Address (attach a map of the city indicating where the centre is located in relation to the Consulate)
Transportation and time it takes to get there from the consulate
Accessibility (public transport, parking, handicap access)
Photos of the building (exterior and interior)
Public opening hours
Description of security measures for the premises during and outside opening hours


b- Size:


Total area, area of the different zones, total number of work stations, counters (distinguishing between the various types of counters: reception/information desk, payment counters, application counters, biometrics, passport returns). Attach a detailed map of the premises and how the outsourced centre space is organized.


c- Extension to include biometrics – joint outsourcing:


Description of the space with a view to introducing biometrics
Possibility of outsourcing with Schengen


5. Staff


Total number of people working in the centre (attach a provisional organizational chart of the centre with, if possible, the names and curricula vitae of its managers)
Additional workers in peak periods and with biometrics
Distribution of workers in the centre
Hiring procedures, staff profiles, salary conditions, human resources policy
Content and length of training for staff working at the centre


6. Service fees


Nota Bene: Service fees invoiced by the service provider should be within a range set by the Visa Code (EC Regulation No. 810/2009 of 13 July 2009 JOUE L.243).


Basic service package rate including tax (in local currency and in euros)
Details of services included in the basic package
Details and amounts of optional services (in local currency and in euros)
Supplement with biometrics (in local currency and in euros)


Indicate what the range of fees would be if there is joint outsourcing with one or more Schengen partners


The service provider should grant 5% in complimentary services with regard to the total number of applications. Otherwise the company will not be chosen.


There was a total of 7977 visa applications in 2009 and 2010.


7. Applicant information, making appointments, tracking applications


Description of the computer technology to be used for public information, making appointments, and tracking applications by the service providers and applicants
Opening hours of the call centre and the services it offers
Number of people working in the call centre


8. Description of the internal procedures for collecting applications (with and without biometrics) and passport return

- Dealing with the public

- Dealing with VIPs, bodies approved by the Consular Authority (travel agencies, companies that have signed a partnership agreement) and any person who has been described positively by the Consular authority


9.Conditions for gathering and storing data


Description of the measures taken to comply with Point 9 of the General Conditions


10. Protection of applicants’ personal data


Description of measures taken to comply with Point 14 of the General Conditions
Detailed information on the computer applications used by the service provider in outsourced centres, complete description of the provider’s production and back-up servers (location, security measures, use of subcontractors, data encryption, use of a dedicated line, shared servers with other States, etc.) and all relevant information to enable the flow of applicants’ data through the system to be understood.


11. Service quality control


Measures to be used by the service provider

- To verify that all points in the General Conditions are being complied with and that the quality is consistent.

- To resolve legal incidents with an applicant.


12. Monitoring by the Consular Authority


Measures to facilitate monitoring by the Consular Authority of how the outsourced centre is run


13. Presentation of applications


The application must respond fully and accurately to the questionnaire sent by the consular authority.
Approval will be granted to the service provider for a period of two years.


Service companies wishing to apply to carry out these tasks can send an e-mail requesting the General Conditions by the 1st March to the following address :


Applications must reach the Embassy by 12 PM on 15th April and must be submitted in an officially sealed envelope in four copies with at least two of them in French (in paper and electronic formats). The outsourced visa centre is scheduled to open on 1st October.

 General Conditions

 Assessment grid for offers

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