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Business French (Textile)

This course is meant for the marketing personnel of the leading Pakistani textile exporting units. The purpose of this course is to impart enough knowledge of French language to these personnel so that they can promote their products in the French speaking countries of the world, manage their day to day exchanges with the French speaking clients and conduct business negotiations with them.

This course consists of two modules, each one of them of duration of six months with two hours of class daily five days a week.

Module 1 (216 hours): Knowledge of basic French in order to enable the students to read and understand simple French, correctly write simple sentences and express themselves correctly in every day French. This Module is based on the curriculum presently used for teaching Beginner level French in Alliance Française of Karachi. The successful completion of this module will entitle the student to the Basic French Diploma awarded by the Alliance Française.

Module 2 (216 hours): Practical Business French applied to the Textile Field. This module, which requires the prior completion of the first module, is designed for the Marketing personnel of the leading textile exporting units of Pakistan for enabling them to take up the challenge of increased trade exchanges with the French speaking world (France, Belgium, Switzerland, French speaking African countries and the countries of Maghreb), which require the knowledge of technical textile terms in French, managing of day to day contacts with the French speaking clients (telephone contacts, receiving them in your work places etc.), exchange of letters and E-mails, conducting of business negotiations in French (presentation of products, quality control modalities, delivery lead-time, freight and terms of payment etc..), presentation of products through catalogues, registration and participation in French exhibitions etc.. The successful completion of both the modules will entitle the student to the Business French (Textile) diploma awarded by the Alliance Française of Karachi

Course programme of Practical Business French applied to the Textile Field (Module 2)

Weeks 1 and 2

The stages and techniques of textile production

Terminology concerning :

Characteristics of the Pakistani cotton, cotton producing regions of Pakistan, fibre quality

Synthetic fibres produced and used in Pakistan.

Types of yarn, spinning equipment, volume of production

Weaving equipment, woven and knitted fabric

Dyeing techniques and equipment, chemical products used

Printing techniques, methods and equipment

Textile finishing, sanforising, mercerising etc.

Textile made-ups, garment and stitching equipment

Weeks 3 and 4

Textile products

Terminology concerning:

Bed linen, woven garments, knitwear, towels etc.

Garment accessories, buttons, zippers, trims etc.

Patterns, designs, colours

Size, dimensions

Fashion, style


Weeks 5 and 6

Quality Control

Terminology concerning :

Quality and counts of Yarn

Types of fabrics

Defects and flaws

Client specifications

Packing and wrapping

Container stuffing

Weeks 7 and 8

Customer relationship

Terminology concerning :

Initial telephonic contacts

Receiving the client in your factory or work place

Visiting the customer in Frqance

Cultural environment in the business world in France

Weeks 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Commercial correspondence and drafting :

Typical customer E-mails

Typical customer letters


Provisional replies

Brief reply to a simple inquiry

Presenting your products

Replies specifying commercial details (lead time, terms of payment etc..)

Inviting the customer to your factory

General Mailing for presenting the products

Registering for French Exhibitions and booking stalls
•Inviting your contacts to visit your stall in an European exhibition

Requesting appointment with a French company during a trip to France

Weeks 19, 20, 21, 22

Busines deals :

Courtesy sentences

Oral presentation: Introducing your company, equipment, volume and type of production, lead time, conformity to the order specifications

Preparing and presenting a PowerPoint in French

Pricing, terms of payment, modalities of quality control

Weeks 23, 24

Presenting your products through catalogues and brochures:

Titles and headings most adapted to the French cultural environment

Catchy phrases

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