Alliance Française de Karachi is hosting the Label FFL.PAK awarding ceremony Friday 10 April 2015, Conference Hall, 6.00 pm


For the first time, Alliance Française de Karachi organizes the LABEL FFL.PAK AWARDING CEREMONY
(French as a Foreign Language certified teacher label)

Alliance Française de Karachi – Friday 10 April 2015, Conference Hall, 6.00 pm


Mrs Martine Herlem-Hamidi, Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of France, is coming especially from Islamabad to award 7 French teachers, only in Karachi.

All Alliance’s partners as well as non-partner schools, universities and institutes are invited through their representatives (teachers, rectors, heads of languages departments, course coordinators, etc.) to attend this ceremony.


The FFL.PAK Label is the result of a quality-assurance approach initiated and conducted by the Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Section of the Embassy of France, in collaboration with the Alliance Française network in Pakistan. By this process, the Embassy of France aims at the identification, recognition and promotion of the teachers who present the required guarantees of quality for the teaching of French as a Foreign Language (FFL). The FFL.PAK Label is set up to provide sustainable quality-oriented solutions to the ever-increasing demand for FFL (French as a Foreign Language) teachers in Pakistan

Its objective is twofold:

First, the Embassy of France will support the FFL teachers in developing a personalized approach to their professional development. To this end, an annual training programme has been established at national level.

Second, by offering this quality benchmark, the Embassy of France also intends to help educational institutions in Pakistan to recruit FFL teachers qualified to provide modern and reliable FFL courses based on demand, context and students’ profile.


In the context of academic and professional mobility, the Embassy of France intends to make this label a major instrument for supporting the quality of FFL teachings in Pakistan. Therefore, it promotes the label-awarded teachers through the network of its partner educational institutions and Alliances Françaises.

Context: According to the Word Population Prospects of the United Nations (2013 study), the global French speaking population might reach 1 billion people in 2060, making French the second or third most spoken language in the world. More and more Pakistani educational institutions come to the conclusion that speaking French is a strong asset in today’s global world. Formerly reserved to the most prestigious schools and universities, French courses are now offered in an everincreasing number of institutions all across the country. In 2014, there are more than 10 000 French learners in Pakistan and this number keeps increasing. Moreover, four Alliances Françaises (French language and cultural centres) are present in Pakistan: in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and, since this year, Faisalabad.

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