1st edition of the Forum on Sustainable Architecture and Cities (Karachi, 13-14 October) / Islamabad,16-17 October)


Climate change, which has been confirmed by the last report of Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC), is significantly changing our living environment all over the planet: increase in temperatures, melting of glaciers and polar ice caps, heating of the seas and oceans and increase in their levels by nearly 20 cm, climate deterioration resulting in the increase in duration of heat-waves and rainfall extremes.

The international mobilization is materializing through the holding of annual conferences, Poland in 2013, Peru in 2014. France will host the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) in 2015. Desirous of taking into consideration the progress achieved in the fight against global warming, particularly through initiatives at European level, France also wants to prepare a “positive agenda”, particularly by highlighting the actions proposed and implemented by the civil society, local architectural communities, companies, trade unions and NGO’s.

In this context, the Embassy of France in Pakistan is organising a Forum on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Management and an exhibition on Sustainable Architecture in Karachi and Islamabad. The objective is to raise, in conformity with the terms of reference of COP21, the awareness among the target stakeholders for the Paris Conference and collect their concerns and suggestions.

The Forum on Sustainable Architecture and Cities is organised by the Embassy of France in Pakistan, with the support of The Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP), in partnership with IAP Karachi Chapter and COMSATS University.

To know more about the exhibition “Architecture = Sustainable” in Islamabad, click here and in Karachi, click here.

Dernière modification : 19/03/2015

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