10th French language and Francophonie week

To be celebrated in Islamabad

«French language films festival, Swiss literary conference, launching of « French online » for the Northern Areas are among the events to be attended from 15th to 20th March in Islamabad. All the countries of the International Francophonie Organization (OIF) represented in Islamabad take part in the celebration.
Once again in Islamabad, the French Language and Francophonie Week will be widely celebrated in close partnership with Pakistani organization. The French language film festival on 15th March in the French Cultural Centre will be inaugurated by H. E. Mr Wafic Mohammad Rehaime, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon as Lebanon is now presiding the OIF. The festival will feature films from Belgium, Romania, Canada, Egypt, France and Switzerland.
« Francophonie : a space of solidarity for sustainable development » being the theme for 2004, it was decided to launch 2 programmes in cooperation with COMSATS. One is the « ICTs for development in Mountainous and Remote Areas of Northern Pakistan », sponsored by the International Development Research Centre (IDCR), Canada. The other is « French Online Program in the Northern Areas » developed by the Embassy of France, the Alliance Française, COMSATS and the Allama Iqbal Open University.
On the 18th of March, the Marriott Hotel will host a conference presenting Francophone Literature in Switzerland. A reception will be offered by the 11 Ambassadors and High Commissioner in Pakistan involved in the OIF. On this occasion the 2004 « Francophonie » Prize will be given and the Pakistan School of Fashion Design will exhibit the work done in collaboration with the French Chambre de la Haute-Couture. The week will be closed with a French song Festival at the Alliances Française.
This week of events will show the will to develop cultural exchanges in between the members of the OIF, but also with Pakistan as « Francophonie » is first and foremost an organisation which intends to articulate around values such as fraternity, tolerance, universality, countries who diverge by their history, culture and levels of development.
This function will be attended by all eleven Ambassadors from member countries present in Pakistan. These include H.E. Mr. Patrick Renaults, the Ambassador of Royal Embassy of Belgium, H.E. Mr Ivan Petkov, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Bulgaria, H.E. Mme Margaret Huber, High Commissioner of the Canadian High Commission, H.E. Mr. Hisham El-Zimaity of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, H.E. Mr Pierre Charasse, the Ambassador of the French Republic, H.E. Mr. Wafic Mohammad Rehaime, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon, H.E. Mr. Ahmed El Rahaidi, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, H.E. Mr. Ravindranath Dwarka, High Commissioner of the Mauritius High Commission, H.E. Mr Emil Ghitulescu, the Ambassador of Romania, H.E. Mr Christian Dunant, the Ambassador of Switzerland and H.E. Mr. Lamine Benzarti, the Ambassador of Tunisia.»

Dernière modification : 05/11/2008

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